ELASKO - the optimal tool for stretching

How flexible someone is is not a constant factor. At any age and fitness level, you can start increasing your range of motion, developing your flexibility, and correcting your posture.
If you want to learn how to stretch safely and effectively, the ELASKO Stretching Frame and the ELASKO Stretching Method are perfect for you.

What is the ELASKO stretching frame?

Elasko is actually a mobile rib wall - a fitness frame designed for stretching, which consists of bars placed at different heights, side handles and a comfortable mattress.
It is elegant, designed and pleasant to the touch thanks to the materials of solid wood and vegan leather.
It can be folded and placed against the wall using its wheels or tucked under the bed when not in use.

The ELASKO stretching frame can be ordered in various types of wood from our webshop >>

What is the ELASKO stretching method?

The frame enables creative and unique, dynamic and rhythmic stretching movements inspired by contemporary dance, ballet and gymnastics.

ELASKO application

Different types of exercises are available in the FREE application belonging to the framework: flexibility stretching, core training, longer series of exercises and endurance-building exercises. The series of exercises can be adapted to the level of knowledge: there are alternatives of different intensity within each exercise.

About the application:

  • includes detailed video guides
  • Recorded in 40 different locations
  • It can be used on both iOS and Android devices
  • available in English and German

Personal ELASKO coaching

This program is only about you!

Sonja, the dreamer of ELASKO, listens attentively to WHY she decided to provide ELASKO and what she wants to achieve.

The common goal is to find a solution according to your needs and goals, and to learn to stretch with confidence and precision, as well as the correct posture.

Content of individual coaching:

  • online contact, where needs are discussed and goals are set
  • personalized videos
  • online monitoring of progress and improvement of practices

More information and prices about ELASKO personal coaching here >>

How can you become an ELASKO stretching instructor?

Would you like to improve your skills as a yoga, pilates, mobility, stretching instructor?

Be unique in the domestic market, who teaches the ELASKO stretching method to your guests.

ELASKO products are ideal for those who have a premium category fitness studio where they conduct individual or small group classes. ELASKO courses are aimed at open-minded professionals who hold yoga, pilates, mobility personal training and want to expand their knowledge in the stretching sector. They would like to work with innovative products and concepts to be able to offer a wider range of classes.

What will you get in the instructor training?

  • The training is given by Sonja Laskowsky - the founder of ELASKO, who has 35 years of experience in the field of dynamic stretching.
  • ELASKO's goal is not to "produce" as many trainers as possible, but to find professionals who understand the importance of stretching, good posture and controlled, targeted movement.
  • In the course, you can learn in detail how to perform the 10 most basic exercise sequences.
  • You'll learn how to creatively use the bars and handholds on the frame to create an endless range of stretching, posture and strengthening exercises you can do with it.
  • You can learn how to use the device in individual and group lessons.
  • You can learn the correct trunk muscle use, posture and breathing technique used during the exercises.
  • During the course, you have the opportunity to consult with the instructor several times face-to-face.

More information and prices about the ELASKO instructor training here >>

SONJA LASKOWSKY - the founder

Sonja - the inventor of the ELASKO method - has 35 years of experience in the fields of ballet, gymnastics and dynamic lighting. He ran a large fitness studio for 15 years, where he gained a lot of experience in different exercise needs.
He currently works in London as a highly recognized stretching and posture improvement specialist, where he works with renowned trainers and runs a boutique development studio, where he holds private fitness classes and individual counseling, as well as training instructors.
The prototype of the ELASKO stretching frame was realized 10 years ago based on his ideas, but the project really took off 3 years ago, when NOHRD started manufacturing the designed device, and the ELASKO application was born.

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